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In 2012, Aktifmob Media was commissioned to solve challenge faced by Hyundai field sales agent when it comes to information update of Hyundai latest catalog as well as test drive request from wannabe customer.

Being new comer in Indonesia, Hyundai is facing serious competition from established automotive brands particularly from Japan, therefore an efficient way to offer their uniqueness and technology advancement must also reflect on their field sales team.

Aktifmob came up with a comprehensive mobile catalog and dealership app that run on android smartphones and tablets where any of Hyundai sales team equipped with the app would be able to assist their customer on product offering as well as assisting them for test drive. The app is frequently updated over the air and does not require continuous internet connection allowing offline mode in serving their customer and making Hyundai sales team laser focus in looking after potential customers.

The app also features a full 180 degree photo of each car model where user may select different angle of the car, both interior and exterior, a first for 2012 on mobile. The app received a great welcome with over 14,000+ downloads from Google Playstore before Hyundai decided to end it in 2016.

More Info

The mobile app is only available to all official dealers and sales team of Hyundai Indonesia.