2012 - 2014


From 2012 to 2014, Hyundai Indonesia Motor commissioned Aktifmob Media set of challenges that would differentiate the Indonesia’s operation of Hyundai in retaining their customers through new media.

Hyundai Indonesia have been producing monthly newsletter and distribute them to existing customers since 2011. However, the initiative has becoming costly as newsletter requires printing and then distribution via regular mail.

To create efficiency and at the same offer unique selling proposition of Hyundai, Aktifmob proposed to develop and maintain the operation of printed newsletter by converting it to digital by creating monthly e-magazine to be distributed on Apple app-store and Google Play-Store.

The results, more than 6500 readers subscribed and downloaded the monthly e-magazine, Hyundai saved tons of papers, their brand presence increased as now anyone can read and learn more about Hyundai has to offer in a fun and interactive manners.

The app is still available for download on Google Play, last update was 2014


  • PT Hyundai Indonesia Motor


  • Art Direction
  • Digital Branding Strategy
  • E-Magazine Development
  • Codes
  • UI/UX
  • Interactive Design